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  1. peroty
    September 20, 2012

    This entire piece is brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed reading every word of it. There is so much Holy War between phone ecosystems it was great to see your thinking. Seriously great work!

    • Gnorb
      September 21, 2012

      Coming from you, that means a lot. Thank you.

      This piece borne out of way too many hours spent in conversation with so many people from the various camps, and my frustration with them every time I said, “You know, looking at all things, I think Apple’s my best route.” Invariably, inevitably, I would receive the, “What does Apple have that Android doesn’t?” backlash.

      This article — which started as a Facebook post — was the result. All 3000 words of it.

      Sort of feels good now just being able to point people here any time they ask, “Why did you choose Apple?”

      The other side of the coin is where I end up sounding like a self-loathing, apologetic Fanboi, trapped in golden handcuffs. And I almost didn’t publish this BECAUSE of that, BECAUSE it felt like a deep analysis of my psyche more than just of what my choice of tech was. I stepped back and started looking at other tech and, in the end, I came back to this piece and realized that, no, it simply says what it’s meant to say. No more and no less.

      As a side note, I did notice that the piece’s structure contains elements of Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey”, which I found rather amusing. But that’s neither here nor there.

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