Updated: Anti-Muslim Cartoon Exposes Media Hypocrisy

Ok, I’m ticked. I think I’ll just let this speak for itself:

Read this CNN report very carefully:

The international storm over cartoon drawings of the Prophet Mohammad published in European media gathered pace across the Islamic world Thursday with angry demonstrations and the shutting down of the EU office in Gaza City….Muslims consider it sacrilegious to produce a likeness of the Prophet Mohammad. CNN has chosen to not show the cartoons in respect for Islam.

Unbelievable. The news network reports on an international controversy, but refuses to show readers what the news is actually about and let them judge the cartoons for themselves.

Even more galling is CNN’s newfound respect for religion.

Where was that deference when Ted Turner [Edit: The owner of CNN — G.] was calling Catholics “Jesus Freaks?”

Where was the sensitivity about offensive religious imagery when Jeanne Moos was mocking images of Jesus Christ or Jonathan Mann was reporting on the Virgin Mary covered in dung?

Why is it that American media, including CNN, have absolutely no qualms about splashing Kanye West-as-Christ all over the airwaves and Internet, but can’t bring themselves to print the Forbidden Cartoons gallery (now available in thumbnail and full-size images over at Human Events Online, which is also running the photos with my column this week)…

Read the rest of that post for yourself. It’s absolutely worth it, especially if like me, you’re tired of all the Christian bashing that goes on regularly in the mainstream media.

“Out of respect” for Islam and Muslims?


Out of fear.

For the record, let’s get something very straight here: I don’t condone the cartoons. I have many of muslim friends — who I’d just as likely call my brothers — who I respect and highly admire. And frankly, I’m not sure what they (the cartoon “artists) are trying to depict with this scrap of used toilet paper they call a cartoon. But to curtail a news story so as to “not offend a religion” while on the other hand bashing day in and day out another… That’s not respect. That’s yet another slap in the face towards Christians.

Either show it and be consistent with your mission and past actions, or don’t, and act accordingly towards all religions.

Update: Here’s exactly what I’m talking about: http://www.smalldeadanimals.com/archives/003630.html. In short, this news paper decided one week to not run the “anti-muslim” cartooms out of “respect”, then the next week turned around and published what can be described only as pure filth: a caricature of Jesus giving felatio to a pig who tells him “it’s kosher if you don’t swallow.”

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3 thoughts on “Updated: Anti-Muslim Cartoon Exposes Media Hypocrisy

  1. From media blogger Ron Franscell at http://underthenews.blogspot.com

    OK, it’s not really news that radical Muslims are mad and want to kill people … that’s just every Thursday for Osama and his boys. This isn’t an example of media hypocrisy … just the insanity of the Terror Boys.

    But it’s kinda funny that they now want to blow up anybody who laughed at that cartoon. It’s funny to think of Denmark as a threat to Islam, isn’t it? Denmark isn’t even a threat to Finland.

    I wonder: How can a culture that justifies crashing planes into buildings or beheading innocents find a piddling editorial cartoon too offensive? And we think these people should have nukes?

    Hunting for logic in the madrassahs of the Muslim world is fruitless. Logic is a head-thing, and radical Islamists listen only to the sour bile in their guts. We have Muslim media (al Jazeera) airing decapitation videos for the simple reason that radical Islamists know beheadings are highly provocative to Westerners … but now radical Islamists are going (slightly more) insane over a newspaper cartoon?? Man, they need to cut back the caffeine in that Turkish coffee.

    If Muslim countries wish to ban such idolatrous art, let ’em. But most Muslim nations put more energy into organizing “Death to America!” parades than election days. Why waste time debating issues when you can simply blow up the opposition? Why write a letter to the editor when you can just shoot your rival? Face it, terrorists generally aren’t good listeners (or cuddlers, for that matter.) But, hey, it’s their little corner of Hell, and if they wish, they should be free to set the thermostat on “high.”

    But a lot of nations in this world still have free presses, free expression, and really wicked editorial cartoonists. Radical Islamists with 12th century sensibilities have already made a too-big dent in the 21st century … and when they arrive at democratic government offices and newsrooms with loaded weapons, they’re no better than the “devil-dogs” they so gleefully decapitate. Haven’t they seen how George Bush is portrayed in cartoons? And how long do you think before “South Park” has a Mohammad character dancing nekkid with 72 virgins?

    Oh well. Editorial cartoonists’ only reason for living is to get under somebody’s skin. And now, one Danish cartoonist has found some readers who want to get under his skin … with a scimitar.

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