Upcoming Projects: Suicide Run, Wicked Windows, and Health Care Reform

If you’ve been following this site for a while (a special thanks to the RSS readers who’ve not dumped me from their stream) you’ll have noticed that I recently started posting again. That’s because I finally feel like there’s something that needs to be said, that I want to share, that others might find useful. My absence, as you’ve no doubt guessed by the previous sentence, has been eventful. In that time I’ve accomplished a number of things, from continuing to improve my health to expanding my writing abilities to seeking and pursuing business opportunities.

All of this improvement and knowledge has come by that I’ve finally realized I am truly most passionate about: books, hence the recent (and continuing) theme of the posts here. But books aren’t the focus of this particular post. Rather, the focus is on my recent projects.

Here’s what’s been going on: 

Suicide Run

Suicide Run

A few years ago, I was asked by a friend to write some descriptions. This led to my being brought on as the lead writer for the upcoming video game, Suicide Run, produced by Berserk Entertainment. Here’s a synopsis:

By the year 2200, humanity had finally united under one banner, that of the Unified Solar States. Of course, like all governments, this one didn’t go unchallenged, and during the first part of that century, a separatist movement, the Independent Colonial Movement, arose. Under the leadership of Callis Ven, the movement engulfed the outer regions of human controlled space, at first through voluntary association, but then–when that didn’t prove expedient–through war and subjugation. Unwilling to see humanity divided and its citizens fall prey to a tyrant, the USS responded by launching history’s largest military engagement.

The war lasted for nearly two years before an armistice was reached. During this time, however, a new war has been waged in secret between the USS and the ICM, unbeknownst to the mass of humanity.

In this story-driven action RPG, you play as the captain of the USS Glory, the most advanced cruiser in the Unified Solar States’s military, and the result of the top-secret Project Nova. The Glory carries in it a prototype for a new weapon, the Saint Drive, a technology that promises to shape the course of human history, one way or another. Your job is to find the best fighter pilots and gunners you can and defend the Saturnian system from an all-out ICM invasion.

Anyway, so that’s still in the works. I’ve finished my first, second, third, and 137th drafts, but there’s still a lot of work to do.

Wicked Window Productions

A few years ago, a couple of friends from high school started a movie production company, Wicked Window Productions. Seeing as they needed help, I joined them mostly as a show of support: I love watching people chasing after their dreams, after all, and I really like movies, so it was just natural. Not wanting to just be a cheerleader, I started actually working as part of the crew, doing lighting, sound, food deliveries… whatever. These days I’m the Audio Design Manager, as well as a writer (and anything else they need me to do).

Currently we’re wrapping up on a production that was started this summer, a live-action version of the Powerpuff Girls. I did the lighting for that, as well as a little bit of writing and voice work. (“The city of Townsville…” Yeah, I’m The Voice.)

Powerpuff Girls
Bubbles missing from this picture.

Next we’ll be starting production on a script I just finished writing. The working title is “Tina’s Terrible, Horrible, and Not at All Pleasant Haunted House Event”, but I think the title will change, probably to “Influence”. Yes, it’s a ghost story.  It’s about a woman who keeps seeing her dead husband and contacts a psychic to help her communicate with him. Of course, if you’re thinking Ghost right now, think again: her husband’s ghost is an ass, so the movie is closer to Event Horizon. Not usually my thing–I don’t do horror–but it gave me a pretty nice challenge, and feedback on the script has been largely positive.

It’s unlikely the second story will be completed before January. Until then we’ll be working on smaller projects, like commercials and skits. Needless to say, I’ll post them here.

For now, check out “A Grave Misunderstanding”, 6 minute short, and one of their first films.



OK, so the health care system in the US is as dystopian as congress has become dysfunctional. ReformHealthCare.us (which only has an “under construction” page on it) will eventually feature news and information about health insurance reform in the US, analysis of different health systems in the US (the VA, Medicare, Medicaid, employer-provided insurance, etc) and across the world, stories from people (good and bad, because it’s not ALL broken), and information about doing the best with what we’ve currently got.

  • 30% annual premium increases?
  • Nearly 1/6th of the population without insurance?
  • Doctors coming out of college with hundreds of thousands in debt?
  • A shortage of primary care physicians?
  • Emergency room bills that could put a family into bankruptcy from just one visit?

This is unconscionable, and needs to be resolved, now. The recent Affordable Health Care Act is a step in the right direction, but we still have a VERY long way to go.

By the way, if you have any health insurance stories you’d like to share, email Info@ReformHealthCare.us.

Additional Projects

In addition to this, there are a few other projects I’ve sidelined for now–tech/book review websites, finance and business websites, writing and selling novels–because there’s only so much time! And, of course, I’m trying to figure out a way to get myself back to school: I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m certain what (general) direction I want to take, what I want my life to mean, and I’ve come to realize that I’m currently ill-equipped to pursue that destiny.

What About This Site Here?

I’ll be frank (while still being Gnorb): I don’t know what the future holds for this site. I expect to keep writing for it for the foreseeable future, but I really don’t know where to take it. My original thought was to talk about books, pull quotes, and talk about things I learn about health, business, and life (mostly through books). Also, I would focus on the technologies used for story telling and all aspects of that technology (ereaders, tablets, phones, apps). In fact, you’ll no doubt have noticed that the focus has recently shifted heavily toward books and things relating to books, stories, and writing. That’s because over the past 2 years I finally came to the realization that that’s what I love.

But even with that as the central “focus”, it seems like too broad a spectrum for one space, especially if I’m looking to develop any sort of business.

Some of you read this to read about my life and observations. (Thanks to all of you who’ve provided feedback over the years.) It’s pretty obvious that taking a site in a more professional direction would diminish that aspect, something I’m not certain I want to do. As it is, I’m still deciding. For now what’s here shall remain. Mostly. I plan to reading through a lot of my older posts and getting rid of the crappy one- or two-liners. No point in keeping the cruft, right? Unless I’m looking to keep this as a chronicle of some sort.


So that’s what’s been going on. To say that I’ve been busy is an understatement. As I posted today on Twitter and G+:

So. Many. Ideas. Too many. Time, too little. Feeling Salarian. Need Asari lifespan.

(Recognize the Mass Effect references? Congrats: go get yourself some Omnigel. That stuff does everything.)

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(On a related note, you’ll probably notice the links to products in reviews. It’s no secret that companies have affiliate programs, and shouldn’t be a surprise for me to reveal I participate. So if you read a review for a book or product that makes you say, “Hmm, I’d like to buy that,” please use my link. Here’s my promise to you, though: reviews will be fair and will never bought, even if they’re paid for in some way. If I think a book or product stinks, I’ll tell you. If I think it’s good, I’ll tell you, too. I’m less interested in sales than I am in honesty, but if sales happen thanks to me, it would be stupid not to try and capitalize some on it, no?)

I create this content for one reason: so you enjoy it and, hopefully, find it useful. It would not be unfair to accuse me of being an attention whore, true, but to me it’s one and the same: I need to entertain and educate. It’s in my nature, my raison d’être. Whenever I teach people something useful, or help solve a problem, or tell stories that comfort and provoke thought I come to life. And that can only happen with you.

But I think I’ll be moving back to once per week. Given all that’s going on, I think that’s what I can handle right now.

And now that I’ve said my peace, I’d really like to know your thoughts on a lot of this because, honestly, I could use the advice.

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