Added “Best Articles” to Navigation

Just a heads up, I’ve added a “best articles” to the navigation on the site. You’ll find it just below the “About Gnorb” section in the sidebar (just below the Firefox advertisement). The articles listed there are the ones I consider my top articles. I could narrow it down to my “top 10”, but since I don’t get much feedback telling me “oh, this is my favorite” or anything remotely resembling that, I just picked the ones I enjoyed the most and posted them there. The criteria was simple: articles there are either extremely well written, very funny, or very thought provoking. There are something like 18 articles there, which I know is a bit much, but I figure I can easily yank some later anyway.

If you have any thoughts on the articles there, or on any articles you’d like to see on/off that list, let me know in the comments section.

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