Elita Loresca Pics and Info

Newsflash: The term driving the most traffic to my blog over the last few days is the term “Elita Loresca Pics.”

Yes, you read that right. The mere mention of Channel 7 weather babe hottie bunny person Elita Loresca (sorry for the objectification) has aparently brought an influx of traffic to Gnorb.NET the likes of which I’d never before seen. (Ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. A bit. It’s really not that far from the truth.) The weird part is that she’s never actually been the main feature of on a post.

Never, that is, until now.

(A quick search on the Gnorb.NET will display the total number of posts Loresca’s been mentioned in. Currently that’s 2, not counting this blatant attempt at boosting my rankings within the search engines.)

If you’re wondering how I found out where my traffic is coming from you need to check out MyBlogLog, a site which offers free a Web traffic analyzer (as well as one for $25/year, for all you lazy bloggers). After a quick look at where my traffic was coming from, it was painfully obvious that a good chunk of it — up to 25% of it — was coming from people looking for pictures of Elita Loresca. Most of these were from Yahoo Search. After a quick search on both Google and Yahoo, I found out that I’m ranked pretty highly for both that term and Funky truck 4wd. (Too bad I can’t have the Funky Truck 4WD game on my site; I’d rather not be sending all those visitors off.)

Now, I know The Wife’s going to kill me for doing this, but if pictures of Elita Loresca is what my audience wants, then it’s pictures of her they’ll get. I’ve posted here a number of pictures from around the Net of Mrs Loresca. If that’s what you’re looking for, then by golly here ya go. If you’re not looking for this, then you can safely ignore this post.


elita loresca channel 7 wsvn weather elita loresca channel 7 wsvn weather
elita loresca channel 7 wsvn weather elita loresca channel 7 wsvn weather

elita loresca channel 7 wsvn weather elita loresca channel 7 wsvn weather

elita loresca channel 7 wsvn weather Elita Loresca Pics from FHM - A collage

If you’re looking for more pictures — sorry, but this is all I found. Well, those and this next one which I’m not quire sure is Elita, but sure looks like it could have been, once upon a time.

elita loresca channel 7 wsvn weather
Well folks, if you were searching for pictures of weatherbabe Elita Loresca, here you have ‘em. This is really all I could find out there on the Web.

For more information on Ms Loresca, go to Google and type in “Elita Loresca”. I’m sure you’ll find a good amount of links. If you’re lazy, you can start here: “A graduate of the Broadcast Journalism Program at Cal State Fullerton, Elita is currently completing her Masters Degree in Geoscience with an emphasis in Broadcast Meteorology at Mississippi State University. Elita started her broadcasting career in 2000 as a Noon weather anchor and served as a weeknight assignment editor at KGET-TV, the NBC affiliate in Bakersfield, CA.”

Of course this doesn’t answer the questions “is she married” [edit: she isn't] and “are any nekkid pictures of her on the Web?” [edit: there aren't] Frankly, I don’t care for the answer to any of these. But if you do, I’m sure that a few hours of search will turn up stuff I’m too lazy to work for myself. [Edit: Just found out from one of the links at the bottom: she's married, which probably means that the answer to both of these is "no". Good thing, too. I'd hate to see someone like that go the sadly-now-well traversed Playboy route.]

Link to her Channel 7 bio page:
Channel 7′s page on Loresca

Edit, September 16 2005: Looks like Elita Loresca’s been featured as one of the Girls of FHM. As such, they’ve posted a number of pics of her wearing things you’ll likely never see her wear during the news hour. I’ve posted the collage above, along with the rest of the pics. Check out FHM for the same pics, but a higher resolution.