Folding Protein Strains

Hey guys. Sorry about the radio silence for the past couple of days. I’ve been surprisingly busy. Of course, the past few days have also been incredibly productive, and for the first time in a long time I can finally say that I’m taking care of my personal growth needs. Oh sure, Dale Carnegie and Napoleon Hill books are great and all, but when you begin to explore yourself the end result is always good. Anyway, I didn’t come here to be esoteric. I came here to announce that Gnorb.NET has just spawned a new “Folding” team, team number 41958. If you don’t know what folding is, then check out the following message, an announcement which was put up on the Gnorb.NET forums, but which I’ll put here, for the sake of those who might not visit that part of the site. (Hey, until I worked for my last employer, I never visited forums, either.) Read the whole thing, take action, help cure cancer, and have fun while you’re at it!

Ever wish you could be one of the heroes in the front lines of medical research? If so, well now you can. Here’s how:

Medical researchers need all the help they can get in the battle against diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s. Your computer spends most of its time twiddling its thumbs, waiting for you to tell it to do something . 0.04 seconds later, it awaits the next time it’ll see action. Now, you can use all that spare power and time to help those medical researchers achieve their goals faster. By downloading and installing Stanford’s Folding@home program, your computer will become a lean, mean, protein folding machine. (If you want to know how this all works and what it all does, visit this site.)

First, download the folding program for your platform. (It’s available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS X.) Once it’s installed simply enter your user name (any you want, but preferably the one you use here in the forums), and then enter 41958 as your team number. You can use the same User Name and Team Number on as many boxes as you want — there’s no limit! The more boxes, the more WU’s you complete! Again, that’s team 41958. After that…. well, that’s pretty much it. You can find instructions for your specific platform in the download page. What’s best, you’re not only helping cure cancer, you’ll also get a chance to run the hell out of your high performance PC!

So, why choose team 41958? Simple: we compete against each other and other sites to see who can fold the most Work Units (WU’s). Believe it or not, it’s super fun, so come join us!

The program will automatically download a work unit and begin folding them proteins. The goal is to fold as many as possible. A WU will take anywhere from 6hrs to 30hrs to complete depending on the WU size and your system. Then you can sit back and check out the stats to see where you and your system fall on the list of folders! (While, of course, at the same time helping out a VERY worthwhile cause.)

Here’s some helpful links:

(Note: The stats update every several hours, so once you complete a WU chill for a bit then check em out.)

Gnorb.NET Folding Team Page:

Gnorb.NET Folding Fast Stats (Real Time):

Standford’s Folding Home Page:

Program Downloads Page:


The best way to check the most recent stats is from the user statistics search page and simply input the user name:

The best way to check the most recent stats is from the team statistics search page and simply input the team number:

If you have any links that belong on this list, start a thread or drop me an email.

That’s it! Now get folding!

(Thanks to memphist0 for the inspiration to this whole message.)

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