Finding a Voice

It’s a funny thing: I read a book by guy I’ve never heard about, only to later find out that he’s a specialist in exactly what I’m trying to feel my way around. I’m talking about Hugh Hewitt’s new book, Blog. Although I plan to do a full review of the book*, I’d like to give a thumbs up to the book. Good stuff. I just hope you’re not easily offended by certain political views.

* I have the notes all ready to go, but just haven’t found the time, having kept myself busy with side projects which are earning me considerably more income than this blog.

At any rate, I’ve started to read a few of the blogs he mentions in his book, one of which led me to find this post from the Evangelical Underground. What really got to me was the way the author says that if you’re going to blog, it’ll take you a while before you find your niche. Looking back, all I have to say about that is “amen, brother.”

What do I mean by that? Simple: When I first started this blog, it was all about my interests. Having never really “studied” the medium. I just started writing about stuff: funny stories, some games, a few opinion pieces. Recently, I came to the realization that although I enjoy writing about some of these things, I really didn’t care for most of it. I don’t mean that I really don’t want to do anything with those, but I don’t care to spend my writing time in every one of those. In fact, I never really planned to. Most if it is stuff that I’m very interested in, but don’t particularly care to share my views on with anyone else. (Does that make sense, or am I just blabbing here?)

Take the categories, for example. I’m not heavily into politics anymore, but there’s a section for politics. I’m not planning to post the findings of my own personal Bible study here (since some of it is too personal), but there’s a Bible Study section for when something major really comes up. Online games? Yeah, good luck optimizing the search engines for that word. (Thanks to Tekime for slapping me with some common sense on that one.) So what am I into? What do I want to write about?

In this case, the answer might have come before the question. Last night I met this guy at the local Barnes and Noble. The guy works for an insurance company, but is also a part-time stand up comedian. (Is there such thing as being a full-time stand up comedian? Aren’t those guys by necessity or nature only able to work part-time?) We talked for a while and he gave me his card. The card, which was a mild-mannered insurance card on one side, had affixed to the other a label reading “Insurance Sucks.” (He claims it helps keep him sane.)

During the conversation, I mentioned that I run a small blog that gets an average of 12 readers a day (nine of which I know) and 1 paraniod stalker, and that the stuff I enjoy writing the most is stuff that I feel I’d enjoy reading three years from now or while in the bathroom for an extended period ot time. Of course, the only thing that could well fit into this category is humor. After all, who wants to read some fat guy’s opinion about President Bush’s inaugural speech three years after the fact? So Joe, who runs the self promo site Joseph’s Amazing Technicolor Website, encouraged me to maybe take a shot at stand up, encouraging me to keep on with the comedy. (Should I ever decide to take the — err — stand, I’ll make sure to post it all here.)

Little did I know that this was the answer a the question which had not yet been really asked. (Actually, it had been asked. It was just buried under a bunch of other crap, kind of like my ironing board, which is now covered under a closet’s worth of clothing.) When I read the post over at the Evangelical Undergroud, the crap came off and the question: what the heck am I supposed to do with this blog thing? The answer seems to be comedy. (Maybe religio-political comedy. But that might be too easy.) Maybe I found my niche.

Now, if I could only learn to be funny.

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