Musings of a Married Man: What Not to Get Your Wife for Valentine’s. Or Ever.

I was browsing the history section of the local Border’s bookstore yesterday, trying to find a good read when I noticed a gentleman next to me looking through the ancient history section. The Iliad, The Republic, and other masterpieces from ages past there were, collecting dust and begging for someone to pick them up.

I started to talk to this gentleman (I’ll call him “Mike”), and noticed he had a book in his hand.

“So, getting a little reading from the ancients, eh?”

“Not quite,” he said. “I’m getting my wife a gift for Valentine’s.”

“Ah, gotcha.” I chuckled and said jokingly, “I think I’ll simply wait until Valentines to come up with something. Nothing like not waiting until the morning of the 14th to really get the creative juices flowing, eh? So, anything in mind?”

“Not really. She’s always been hard to shop for. But she likes history, and she likes to read, so I thought I’d get her something from here.”

I made a few suggestions to him — none of which he really liked. I apologized and went on looking for what I was searching for. A minute later, I head him speaking again.

“There we go. I think — ” he reached up and grabbed a book. ” I think I’ll get her this one.”

As he put the book in his hand and began to walk away, I happened to notice the title he was carrying. It was Dante’s Inferno.

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