I’m Not Dead Yet!

I finally did it. I replaced SUSE with another Linux distro. I say “another” because, frankly, I’m still not sure which I’ll use. I’m currently running Fedora Core 3, and although it seems to be running cleanly, I’m wondering whether I should drop back into SimplyMEPIS, or take the leap into Ubuntu Linux. Frankly, I wish I could find a downloadable VidaLinux ISO somewhere. (I read in NewsForge that there’s supposed to be a free version, but I haven’t been able to find it.)

I’ll post any updates and a listing of my trials once I decide which distro to go with.

Update: You can download VidaLinux for free here. For you who don’t know, VidaLinux is a Gentoo-based distro built on the philosophy that Gentoo doesn’t have to be hard. I know, that’s a bit odd considering that Gentoo is supposed to be built completely from source, but VidaLinux uses something called the “Portage” system, which is a bit like SimplyMEPIS’s apt-get browser.

Although I don’t plan to make any sort of review, I might just. This week’s going to be a pretty busy week, so if I find I have the time, I’ll post the review.

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