Is the Upgrade to WordPress 2.0 Worth It?

If you’re looking to upgrade your own blog to WordPress 2.0 and are currently running 1.5.2, you’ll be interested to read the replies to the following post on Owen’s blog, Asymptomatic.

After having upgraded to 2.0 myself, I can honestly state that although I like the improvements, had I known then what I know now, I probably wouldn’t have bothered. Among the commenters, the consensus seems to be “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Aparently, the improvements in the latest version of WordPress are mostly internal (except for the editing screen, which broke one of my plugins, FrameBuster).

Actually, one of the issues that’s been bothering me is the habit WordPress seems to have when editing a post of deleting all the Technorati tags I assigned to it, so I have to re-assign a post its tags every time I post. Pretty annoying.

There are other goods and bads, but overall, although I like it, I would probably recommend other bloggers hold off, especially if you have a lot of plugins. If you don’t, go for the upgrade. You won’t be gaining much, but you’ll be gaining one or two things of interest.

2 thoughts on “Is the Upgrade to WordPress 2.0 Worth It?

  1. I agree with you there. The only major advantages I’ve seen (and I use major losely) a better administrative panel: Managing pictures is easier. Managing users and user-roles is easier, so adding other editors is much easier than before. There’s a WYSIWYG form to enter posts (which I don’t use, but is nice to have). In addition, there’s a better post preview mechanism. Categories can be added on the fly (something which I would have liked when starting this blog, but not something I’d really use now). And finally, there’s a theme-preview feature for the themes (nothing to get to excited about; it’s just a thumbnail preview, not an actual live preview, which would be way cooler).

    One last thing (and this is the only one I’d consider big): WordPress now allows you to do database backups from the backend. THIS is VERY useful.

    The upgrade was easy, but if I were you I’d wait ’till, or whatever number they use in that weird scheme of theirs.

    BTW, Qutantum, Happy New Year.

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