The Beginning of the End for the Site Changes

For the past couple of weeks, my email address was messed up. That’s finally fixed.

Last nigh my site went down. As of this afternoon, that’s fixed.

The old bBlog part of my site is still down. That’ll get fixed.

I’m upgrading to WordPress 2.0 today while I watch the Bucs/Redskins game. After that’s over with, I’ll have to spend some time getting all the plugins and themes back in place. In the process, I’ll finish getting all the stuff out of bBlog and wipe that system off “my” server.

Once all that is done, all will once again be well.

This is the beginning of the end for site changes. Thank God. In addition, thank Nate, and the WordPress team.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, my team needs me. Too bad there’s nothing I can do here but yell “Go, Team, Go!” Not like it’ll make a difference — the Bucs are down 14-3 — but I do it just for fun.

By the way, check out my site, Gnorb’s Kitschy CyberXtreme iBlog. (Because one cliche catch phrase slogan just isn’t enough.)

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