Tell me if this is as disturbing to you as it is to me

I’m watching a music video by the J-Pop band “Morning Musume” where a bunch of teen Japanese girls dressed in navy uniforms are skipping around and dancing in a (rather large) men’s restroom, splashing water around at each other and cramming themselves in the stalls.

I don’t know about you, but — man, that’s just not right. I mean, the Japanese don’t have a navy! Oh, wait… Seriously though, bathroom… stall… water…


(For the record, the video is rated “G”. Not like Xuxa “G”, but — well, I guess not far form. But I digress…)

On the bright side, this is a rather happy-catchy-(almost-kitschy)-poppish song, so it makes for good listening. It’s name? What else? — “Peace!”

Because, you know, peace is exactly what I’m thinking about when watching 11 girls congregating in a bathroom stall splashing each other with water. Yep. Peace. (I dunno, maybe it’s a cultural thing. “Don’t go to bed the bathroom mad” or something…)

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