If You’ve Emailed Me Recently…

Just a heads up: If you’ve tried to email me recently (within the last 2 weeks), please accept my apologies for not replying to you yet. I’ve been having some problems with my gnorb.net email account(s) and I’ve been told by Nate the Wunderadmin that something messed up in the backend. Due to this I’ll have to re-build parts (if not all) of Gnorb.NET and will likely have lost your email.

Again, you may see some downtime and I’ll lose your email.

In the meantime, send any messages to my alternate email address, norbert (insert a “.”) cartagena (insert “@” symbol) gmail (insert a “.”) com. Sorry to obfuscate it, but — you know — those darned spammers might get a hold of it. I’m sure you can figure the address out.

I’ll probably not post much this week because of that, but if you’re borred, check out any of the links in the Links page. I’m sure you’ll have fun while I’m — err, I don’t know — gone I guess.

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