Which Linux Distribution Should I Use?

I’ve heard the question way too many times: “With all the bajillions of Linux distributions out there, how are people supposed to know which is for them? I mean, Linux just needs to come out with one distribution and that’s it.”

Of course, every time I hear this, I visibly cringe. (There are more things wrong with this statement than I can shake a stick at.) Frankly, I wish I only heard this from “n00bs” and those unfamiliar with computers. Alas, I hear this from even seasoned and veteran computer users.

For those of you seeking an answer to this question, I refer you to the following site: Which Linux Distribution is for Me? This site asks you a set of simple questions (such as “Do you know what Linux is?” and “What do you use your computer for?”) and from your answers determines what type of Linux user you are, and what distribution(s) are best suited for your need.

After taking the test, I can pretty much guarantee you that this thing does a great job. It figured out that the best distributions for my needs were Linspire (which I currently use) and Xandros, but also suggested PCLinuxOS, Mandriva, SUSE and Kubuntu.

Very cool. Very recommended.

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