New Year’s Fun

Just wanted to wish any readers a very happy, prosperous, and victory-filled new year. May you grow spiritually, personally, and economically.

For now, I’m still working on my new year’s resolutions so there’s nothing on that end to post. However, I’d be interested in reading some of yours! If you have a new year’s resolution you’d like to tell the world about (and remind yourself two weeks from now as you fight the temptation to break it), then post it in the comments section for this post.

4 thoughts on “New Year’s Fun

  1. new year’s resolutions–>>

    Fully cloth diaper the new baby (Kai, due in April)
    Spend more time with husband and kids
    keep house looking somewhat presentable
    Graduate and find a teaching job
    Don’t kill my mother-in-law or my horrible brother-in-laws..

  2. They all look good, but c’mon — are you really going to be able to keep that last one? The first few I can believe, but that last one… that’s a tough one.

  3. Your right.. my last goal is kinda hard to keep.. *L*.. but so far it has been kinda easy since 3 our of the 4 brother in laws have been in and out of jail since the new year.. *L*.. and my mother in law actually has been decent! WOOT!

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