Waking Up to a White Christmas?

In short: No, I’m not. (Though you may be, I don’t know.) Although living in Fort Lauderdale has its perks, it also has its disadvantages. I’m not sure under which category “snow” falls in — blessing or curse — but in either case, there’s a 99.9% chance that we ain’t gonna get none, at least not of natural causes.

Snow aside, the weather’s starting to match the season around here, at least as much as can be expected. It’s about 53°F right now which, although not “cold” by most of the country’s standard, to us in South Florida, constitutes winter weather.

Sadly, this isn’t something that happens every year. Though most years we see at least some cold weather during the winter months — usually in February, and as of the last couple of years, March — winter mornings normally bring temperatures in the mid-70’s. Even to me, a Puerto Rican transplant, that’s not “winter weather”, at least not in los Estados Unidos. This is supposed to be the season of snow and ice castles, of snowmen and slush balls, right? At least that’s what all those movies about Christmas — usually in New York, if not the Midwest — told us.

Of course, Fort Lauderdale and Miami are closer to Cuba and Puerto Rico than to New York and Philly, both geographically and sociologically. (Well, sociologically maybe not closer than New York and Puerto Rico. There’s still that “Newyorican” thing going for them.)

But this time of year, the feeling I get when it gets cold — this giddy, happy, “oh boy, oh boy” feeling — has less to do with the winter season and more to do with the Christmas season. This cold weather brings memories of Christmasses (sp?) past, like that Christmas when my family and I had just moved to Florida and the temperature dropped into the 20’s in Tampa (talk about a welcome, icicle style), or those years I spent every night between Thanksgiving and Christmas practicing for and performing at various Christmas concerts. Yeah, this weather, the holiday — they go hand in hand.

Then again, it’s South Florida. That Christmas feeling? Because of the weather? Hmm…

I don’t know, maybe it’ll feel like Christmas when Santa and the Three Kings start showing up in Bacardi commercials, singling “Dame la mano, paloma / Para subir a tu hilo…” Until then, I guess I might try to get myself into the spirit of the season by listening to The Nutcracker, Mannheim Steamroller, Kenny G (Is he still alive?), and smooth jazz versions of Let it snow! Let it snow! Let is snow! In other words, I’ll walk into any store. While I’m at it, I might as well buy some stuff, right? “One for you, one for me. Two for you; one, two for me. Three for you; one, two, three for me. Hey, I need one of those… Man, Christmas is expensive.”

Or I might try the sure route: reading the first few chapters of Matthew and Luke in The Bible, and maybe joining in on a chorus of Silent Night, and Oh, Holy Night. Nothing like the reason for the season to put you in the right spirit. Still, cooler weather wouldn’t hurt.

4 thoughts on “Waking Up to a White Christmas?

  1. *L* I would be glad to send you a bunch of snow! we have 6 inches of the yucky crappy white stuff.. and to go along with it -15 degree weather.. enough to freeze my gas tank and make it not start this morning! Aw.. the joys of a Wisconsin winter! *L*.. and with a two year old who hates mittens trust me mornings are not fun!

    I would trade you any day for a nice warm day right now!

  2. Hey there Gnorb! Ain’t Google grand? One search and ‘bam!’ there you are in all your blogastic glory.

    I’ve spent a few minutes slacking here at work surfing your blog and I must say I’m impressed. Keep up the great posts. I’ve fattened my christmas book list quite a bit thanks to you.

    As for living in Florida, don’t get used to any particular type of weather. We just hover around hot and sticky year round. In the winter it’s tolerable, but it quickly reverts back to intolerable before you know it.

  3. Kari;
    I’ll pass on the snow. I like it cool, not cryogenic. When walking my dog becomes a life-or-death adventure I know it’s time to leave wherever that is for warmer climates. (Given my life goals, that’s either an oxymoronic or hypocritic statement, I’m not sure which.)

    Yeah, I’m pretty easy to find on the Web these days. Lots of writing for lots of people. Been slowing that down quite a bit, though, but all the while doing much more of it for myself. It’s fun, but I do miss the chase for the story. Once in a while. Then I remember what it was like when I had to do it all the time and I thank God for being where I am today.

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