Phrase I Hate: “Great minds think alike”

Great Minds Think Alike: This phrase is used by idiots to complement other idiots who have inadvertently done the same idiotic thing. This phrase is especially useful when a group of idiots discovers the coincidence, such as when all the idiots are wearing the same color shirt. Uttering this phrase makes all idiots in the “think alike” club feel smart, has them acting really buddy-buddy with each other, and begins a tug-of-war between the “great minds” and everyone else.

(Ok, it’s not only used by idiots. I just find it odd that people equate greatness with everyone doing the same thing. Isn’t greatness or genius defined by NOT doing the same as everyone else? Just sayin’…)

I think the folks at Apple put it best with their slogan , “[Great minds] Think Different.”

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