FIFA, USA Soccer, and Puerto Rico

The US is ranked #6 in the world in soccer, while Puerto Rico is ranked #194. In other news, Puerto Rico has a soccer team.

After someone mentioned playing FIFA 2005 for the XBox (or PlayStation 2, I forget which), I decided to drop by the FIFA website to see how US men’s soccer was doing. For years, the US has been the laughing stock of the soccer world, even after we hosted the World Cup, and after making a strong showing in the last World Cup tournament. To my surprise, the US is doing very well in the rankings.

USA soccer #6 according to FIFA

In fact, they’re at #6 in the FIFA rankings, doing better than powerhouses like England, Germany, Colombia, France, Ireland, Spain, and about 195 other countries. I’m not a huge soccer fan — most Americans aren’t (neither are most Puerto Ricans, for that matter), though I do watch a match once in a while, which is more than I can say for baseball — but this is pretty cool. Maybe the sport will finally be a little more respected in the US. I’m guessing this won’t happen ’till the US men’s team wins the Cup, like the US women’s team did a few years back. Good luck on that, though if Brazil can lose to France, they can lose to anyone.

Just for kicks, I decided to see how Puerto Rico was doing.

Puerto Rico soccer #194 according to FIFA

Wow. Puerto Rico actually has a soccer team.

3 thoughts on “FIFA, USA Soccer, and Puerto Rico

  1. thanks for the website, I live in the U.s. and I’m happy that puerto rico has a soccer team, even though I’m colombian my wife is puerto rican and I’m going there in 2 months do you know by any chance how can I get together with some people to play some soccer and perhaps show them some stradegies.

    I’m also glad to know that U.S. is doing well in futsall game.

  2. Hey, Pedro;
    I wish I could tell you how to get in touch with those guys. I wouldn’t mind doing so myself, thought I wouldn’t be able to teach them anything about futbol. Since it’s a national team, the best way to get in touch with those guys (I’m guessing) is by starting at the capital. Call the governor’s office in San Juan and I’m sure they’ll start you on the runarround which will eventually lead you to the team.

    If you are able to get any inforamtion, would you be so kind as to pass it along here? I’m sure others woulnd’t mind the info (I know I wouldn’t.)

    (Y si quieres, puedes escribir aqui en espanol. Perdoname por no saber los codigos ASCII para letras con accentos.)

  3. Edit:
    Aqui esta la informacion que encontre en el website de FIFA:
    (Heres the information I found on the FIFA website:)

    Federación Puertorriquena de Fútbol (F.P.F.) (F.P.F.)
    392 Juan B. Rodríguez
    Parque Central Hato Rey
    P.O. Box 360556
    SAN JUAN 00918
    Tel:+1-787/765 2895
    Fax:+1-787/767 2288

    President: SERRALTA Joe
    Vice President: JIMENEZ Mickey
    General Secretary: RODRIGUEZ Esteban
    Treasurer: VILLEGAS Miguel
    Men’s Coach: ROMANO Ricardo
    Women’s Coach: ROSA Jorge O. (PUR)
    Media Officer: ARIAS Ana Rosa
    Referee Coordinator: VILLAREJO Luis
    Futsal Coordinator: CISTERNAS Ramon

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