Before and After: My Weight Loss Progress

A friend was over here this past weekend. At one point we were looking through pictures, when we stumbled upon a few which made us both take notice. They’re pictures of me from about 5 years ago and pictures of me now. I know I talk a lot about my weight loss, but this made it all that much more real. 

(Click the images to enlarge. No pun intended.)




Note that I had lost just under 90lbs when the “Now” set of pictures were taken. I have since lost 10lbs more. Still, they’re accurate enough. My friend and I both said the same thing: Wow.

5 thoughts on “Before and After: My Weight Loss Progress

  1. Too bad nature won’t let us keep the weight we lose… you could’ve made millions in Miami, selling it for lip and breast implants!

    Well. You can still start a gym. I can imagine the TV commercial: *in a dark, manly voice* “Are you overweight? Get stuck going through double swing-doors? Well my lovely McDonalds’ offspring: Look no further chubby buddy—I can turn that flubber into a lean ab-machine that’s so mean it’s illegal in 47 states! Call 1-800-NORB-ABS. NOW!”

    But all jokes aside; good job man—must’ve taken serious effort and determination. Hats off to you my friend.

  2. Thanks, Hrafn. Given that you were the friend talked about here, I guess you got a sneak peek ;-). The idea of starting a gym isn’t a bad one. But I have to look a bit more muscly before doing that, though. Still a bit too flabby, as you no doubt saw, unlike all you uber-sexy Icelanders, all of who might as well be models in a Neman Marcus catalog. Wearing cowboy hats, of course.

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