Were You Braving “Black Friday”?

America’s retailers have asked me to deliver a special message to all of you who have decided to stay at home between 5am and noon on Black Friday:

Get with the program!

3 thoughts on “Were You Braving “Black Friday”?

  1. black Friday is the best day to get all those deals! of course we hit the stores.. dropped the Monster off at grandma’s.. and took our different cars.. and hit the stores at 4:30 am with a cup of coco.. and when the doors opened at 5.. we were ready to beat down the people for the goods!

  2. Wow. Consumerism at its finest. (Seeing as you live in a small town, it’s understandable that you don’t see it the way I do. People here were having Thanksgiving dinner in line around the store, waiting to get inside and get those “deals”. Pathetic. Then they trample people and get into fights because they have to get those deals. There, you can get there at 4am and get in on the good stuff. Here if you’re not there by 8pm the night before, you can pretty much forget about it.)

    Frankly, I choose not to try and understand the mentality of “gotta get me those deals!” I’ve found that the more one focuses on “sales” and “saving” money by buying on the cheap, the broker one ends up being. (Ever notice how most people that go to Sam’s Club and Walmart REALLY don’t save that much money, and in fact end up spending more than they intended?) I figure I’ll be smart about my money, and figure out a way to earn enough that $300 off a computer doesn’t really matter that much to me.

    Again, I understand that for some people this may be their only chance at getting their hands on the good stuff. As for me, I’ll focus on figuring out ways to be on the receiving end of all that holiday cash, instead of the spending end. That way I won’t have to battle mobs for the stuff I want. I can just go in and get it any time I want, when the bargain hunters are looking, drooling, and dreaming about next Thanksgiving. (Remember, it’s your cash making the Walmart crowd richer. While bargain-hunters scrounge for pennies — for mere scraps — the retailers eat their feast and laugh all the way to the bank.)

  3. Yeah, our big deals were diapers! *L*.. it is the only time of year you can get a huge cartoon for $6.99 for 80 diapers.. and while Bianca is almost out of them (we are potty training).. the new baby coming in April is gonna need a lot.. so we stocked up.. and Ray got a new set of golf clubs he has been wanting forever.. for only $99. so it wasn’t all too bad. But.. your right some of the deals were just not worth it. But the ones that were.. seemed to be in small amounts. What store only carries three golf club sets? when they are gonna go like hot cakes?

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