Flipping the Birthday Bird

You know, one of the downsides to having your birthday land on a holiday is that people start, for that one day, to associate you with whatever the holiday stands for. Born on New Year’s? You get to be the New Year’s baby. On Yom Kippur? You’re the Baby of Atonement. On Christmas? You’re S.O.L.

This year, my birthday happens to fall on Thanksgiving, so what nickname do I get? No, not “The Pilgrim” or “Mayflower”. Not “Maiz” or even “Squanto”.

Nope. I get to be “Turkey boy.”

Turkey boy. *sigh*

Gobble, damn it. Gobble.

2 thoughts on “Flipping the Birthday Bird

  1. Had a great one. Only problem with having my b-day the same as Thanksgiving. It’s still… going… on… can’t… have… more… cake…

    Thanks for the well wishes. Much appreciated!

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