Eventfully Relaxing Weekend Ahead

Ahh, Thanksgiving weekend. For some reason it’s my favorite time of year. Strangely enough, it has less to do with food, shopping, and football than with good memories and the weather. The food and football are nice, though; I’ll pass on the shopping.

I’m looking forward to getting a bit of time to pump out a few articles I have waiting editing and approval in the back end. Normally I don’t take too much time with posts, since I don’t want to make blogging a job, but these are special. And long.

I’m also looking forward to spend time with the Tampa gang (Nym, Bob, Pez/Zapatero, Cloud/Mustang, and maybe even Captain with Authority, if he gets over whatever’s crawled up his butt since he broke up with Cloud’s sister). Although a lot of stuff is going on between now and New Year’s, I think this weekend I’ll take it a bit smoothly.

According to my horror-scope:

The mind is like a pond and thoughts are simply pebbles which disturb your peace and tranquility. A serious attempt at calming your thoughts is essential just now. Distractions will steer you away from the course you have in mind if you aren’t careful. Staying home and meditating on deeper life issues could work wonders.

Not a bad idea. Calm down, stay the course, and think about life. Gotcha. I’ll grab my NIV bible and copy of the Dharmapada, and make this a nicely meditative weekend with lots of food, folks, and fun. (Extra points for whoever can tell me where I got that little slogan from.)

For anyone in the US, Happy Thanksgiving! Stay safe and away from any deadly sins, like gluttony.

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