Buccaneers vs Falcons in the WTF Bowl?

I didn’t get to enjoy much of the game yesterday, since The Wife and I took some time after church to explore the Miami area. Still, after watching to the ESPN SportsCenter highlight reel this morning, I wish I had gotten to do more than just listen to the last quarter over Internet radio.

After looking at the stats, my first thought was “WTF?!” Here’s what I mean:

Game Location
Advantage Falcons

Total Offense
Atlanta: 443
Tampa: 258
Advantage Falcons

Quarterback Performance
Atlanta (Vick): 306 yards, 2 TDs, 0 int
Tampa (Simms): 118 yards, 0 TDs, 1 int
Advantage Falcons

Third Down Conversions
Atlanta: 11/17
Tampa: 2/8
Advantage Falcons

Total Offensive Plays
Atlanta: 74
Tampa: 46
Advantage Falcons

Atlanta: 1
Tampa: 2
Advantage Buccaneers

Atlanta: 150
Tampa: 140
Advantage Falcons

Time of Possession
Tampa: 23:58
Advantage Falcons

Final Score:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers    Altanta Falcons

30 — 27

Yeah. Exactly. Go figure.

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