Travels in Svalbard

I was planning on putting up a few thoughts I jotted down during this past weekend, since it involved the granparents I haven’t seen in almost 4 years. Instead, I’ll just post up this snippet I found in Kuro5hin. It’s the story of a guy who, for no apparent reason other than to find a desolate and remote place, decided to go to The Great Way Way North: Svalbard.


While visiting my native land–the Faroe Islands–this summer, I became bored and looked for somewhere even more remote and isolated to venture to: somewhere in the Arctic I’d never visited. Having seen most of Scandinavia and much of northern Russia, my choices were limited but had to be apt. I ended up going to Scoresbysund, Greenland and then to Longyearbyen, Svalbard. These are some of the most remote parts of the world and their isolation and insular situation both makes them spellbinding places to visit and also reflections of broader Nordic culture.

Until today, I’d never heard of Svalbard I, but after reading this I may want to add Svalbard to my “Extreme Places to Visit” list.* I just hope The Wife doesn’t mind our vacations being spent surrounded by little more than ice and rocks.

* Note: The list doesn’t really exist, but I’ve always wanted to spend a chunk of my life visiting the most extreme parts of our planet and, one day hopefully, our Solar system, if the Moon and Mars can be called “Extreme”.

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