Technorati Troubles

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zip. Zero.

That’s the reaction I’m getting from Technorati right about now. Nothing I tag my blog with is showing up, and it’s starting to cheese me off. Interestingly, my bBlog posts seem to be rather prominents in Technorati’s pages.

Daing it, why can’t anything work exactly like I want it to without any problems whatsoever? Is that too much to ask? I install the BunnyTags plugin, configure it just like they say, and what do I get? The big goose egg.

Damn you, Murphy, and damn your stupid laws!

Although I’ve finally been able to add the site to Technorati (it finally picked up my claim), Technorati still isn’t picking up any of my posts. Maybe I should start blogging on my archives and see if that works. *urgh*

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