Useful Podcasts

It wasn’t long after I started reading up on podcasting that I realized a painful truth: like most blogs, podcasts generally sucked. Not that they’re not entertaining, mind you, but that’s just it: they’re mostly entertainment (or blithering comentary), with no educational value whatsoever.

To my delight, Joe Carter has found a rather interesting site which lists a number of podcasts featuring college lectures. If you’re in college, you probably won’t appreciate this service. However, if you’re like me — out of college and wishing you had the time to go back — this makes for a great substitute.

Some of the available lectures and courses include: Introductory Agricultural Business and Economics, Introduction to the School of Agriculture and Purdue University, Special Topics in Agriculture, Indians of North America, Biochemistry, Fundamentals of Biology, and a few hundred more. Guess I just found me — and hopefully you — some good ol’ fashioned edutainment.

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