Just finished watching the Bucs/49ers game. The game’s not over yet (there’s about a minute left), but with the way the Bucs are playing, short of a miracle, we’re gonna lose to the worst team in the league. (sic) At least Tampa’s succeeded in one thing: making the niners look like the niners of old.

The Bucs deserved to lose this game. That’s what you get when you overlook a team that’s got nothing to lose. Gah!

At least the ‘phins beat the New Orleans Baton Rouge San Antonio Saints.

2 thoughts on “Gah!

  1. Oh, I 100% agree. I also 100% agree that I like watching it, and 100% agree that I have the freedom to enjoy that if I so choose without being talked down to for it. It’s America, remember? “Life, Liberty, Pursuuit of Happyness (sp?) — Any of this ring a bell? Get over it, or get over yourself, which ever’s easiest. Just don’t come down and try to insult me because you don’t like the same things as I.

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