Back After Hurricane Wilma

Wilma’s come and gone, but its effects are here for a while. No electricity. No potable water. But, I finally got my phone back yesterday. Weather’s cooperating, so it’s not too bad, but we only have a few days’ worth of water left. Food supply’s ok; we (The Wife and I) have enough food bars and protein bars to last us for about a week, and a week’s worth of other non-perishables. Still, it felt good eating some cooked food last night. (Thank you, Stir Moon!)

Anyway, I’ll be updating more later, with pictures. It’s a mess down here.

Those whiny little punks in Miami-Dade got spared the worst of it, but they’re all I ever hear about on the news. Puh-lease. They didn’t even get hurricane category 2 winds.

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