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  1. Nunya
    October 5, 2012

    I also worked there – worst time of my life. They have an ethics and compliance department that thinks they are above all others and do witch hunts. Several people there think they know about morals and ethics but really can’t practice what they preach. They should do drug testing on some of their “investigators” to see who comes up clean and who is dirty.one is a management level employee who thinks she is above else.

    • Ann
      October 18, 2012

      All sound so familiar I got fired about 2 month ago. Because I did not fit in, you see I have very high ethical values and the employee’s management and employees DO NOT. I formally made a complaint at the Regional level and it was a joke to them. Went to HR and they told me that i lived in another reality. I was the most miserable time in my 50 years of life and that says a lot about this university. When i got let go, mind you I gave my resignation a month before and they said no, HR practically asked me hang in there, but since i was let go I am truly the happiest person on earth.

      • PhoenixDying
        November 14, 2012

        Ann and Nunya… Same situation here. My ethical standards were ‘too high’ for UOPX, so they eventually fired me after 14 months for not using the expected ‘car salesman’ tactics. NEVER go to UOPX! NEVER NEVER EVER! You can get the SAME education from a Comm Coll or different online school for HALF the price or less! Worst 14 months of my life!

  2. Mark Ashland
    November 20, 2012

    Nice to know some of the employees had a conscious. Thanks for sharing and I shared your story here. http://www.facebook.com/pages/University-of-Phoenix-Sucks/551180178229244?ref=stream

  3. Chris s
    February 5, 2013

    Hi after ten years as a”facilitator”at UoP I got my letter of “faculty discontinuance”. Teaching an average of ten classes a year and sometimes two at once, I was told out of the blue I am no longer qualified to teach my COM and ENG and GEN courses. I have two Masters’ degrees from UMASS and BU, I hold an MEd and an MS and I taught the exact same curricula for ten years. The ABC case study and Arthur Reed were there when all UoP had to offer was a server that connected to our Outlook Express (not outlook) and then you’d download the materials and post to newsgroups! Ugh. But even today it is exactly the Ashe content as ten years ago! When asked UoP said that despite teaching the courses for ten years…and being a licensed teacher employed by BPS I am not longer qualified to teach……..BTW did I mention that my checks last year changed from Appollo Group to University of Phoenix ….they had an enormous cash/burn rate and……..I was at the highest pay tier possible…..just another reason hy UoP sux…..just sayin…

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