Opera Browser Tip: Listening to Website Content

To enable voice playback in the Opera browser (I’m using 8.02), highlight the text you want to listen to and press “v” on your keyboard. You may have to install the 10.5mb voice package the first time, but man does this come in handy!

Ever since I discovered this I’ve been listening to most of the sites I’ve been visiting, instead of reading. The package is very clear, surprisingly understandable, and FREE. (This is a feature I’d pay for.) It’s allowed me to do other things, like write this post and install WordPress plugins while I listen to works online.

By the way, for a mini-war on Firefox vs. Opera, check out this Fark thread on the Mozilla Foundation’s recent switch from “Non Profit” to “For Profit” status. Worth the read if you’re up on Internet news.

Whoa! I just realized that with Opera’s voice synthesizer, this has become an audio blog! Sweet! Next I’ll start working on podcasting.

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