When I Think T-Rex, I Don’t Thinik Tricycle

The good thing about living in Miami is that we get to see all of the latest and hottest cars on our roads on a regular basis. Lamborghinis, Ferraris, McLarens, Rolls — the list goes on. It’s a lot better than where I grew up, at least when it comes to these kind of things. Back then, I was lucky to see the latest Jag, which isn’t half bad. But come on. Can you really compare a Jag to a McLaren?

Tonight, my wife and I were driving over to my favorite hangout spot, the local Barnes and Noble, (notice that I said “my”, not “our”) when we saw the strangest looking motorcycle we’ve ever seen. In fact, at first I wasn’t even sure it was a motorcycle. It looked like a pumped-up golf cart with three wheels. But man, was it sweet looking. Seriously, I thought I was looking at a prop from a sci-fi movie. (If you’ve ever watched Steven Spielberg’s AI, it looked like the car David’s “mom”, Monica, (Frances O’Connor) was driving right before she violently and heartlessly abandoned him in the forest.) After talking to a few people, (and searching online) we found out the car was a Campagna T-REX.

Campagna T-REX
Campagna T-REX
Campagna T-REX

Seriously cool looking, especially when it’s all lit up. But I can imagine that being in this thing on the highway — well, it must make its driver a bit uneasy. Here you have this motorbike the size of a golf cart (and half as tall), driving around with H2s all around it. Sure it’s slick, but —

Well, let me put it this way. Here’s Mrs. Jane Doe, riding along in her H2. She’s talking on the phone with Mary, making sure the kids don’t kill each other in the back seat, eating a granola bar, and doing her lipstick, when all of a sudden —

*bloop bloop*

— she feels her left tires hit a speed bump. “What was that?” she wonders, and keeps driving.

Now, you and your T-REX go from being eye catchers to asphalt decorations. As she looks in her rear view mirror, the kids yell out “mommy, mommy, there’s a bunch of cars stopped. What happened?”

“I don’t know, dear” she says. “There must’ve been a car accident or something. Now stop staring, it’s not nice.”

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