Text Browsers

Just took a look at Gnorb.NET with the Links Web Browser. Not bad. Looks really good, really organized. I’m not the one to take credit for that, however. When I first installed bBlog and decided on this theme, I picked it because (1) it looked good, and (2) it used CSS based layout as opposed to tables (good for SEO). It may be that this is by design, or it may be a wonderful serendipity, but either way, I can now rest assured that people looking for content and not fluff will be able to view this site without much problem.

(For the record, I like to use text-only browsers when I’m looking to just read and not have to worry about graphical content, or large, annoying, overpowering ads. Text-based browsers are much faster than graphical Web browsers. For you who are still using 56K modems, you might want to consider the text-only option. And you can rest comfortably knowing that Gnorb.NET looks good in text.)

Also, on something completely different, I decided to rip off a bit of this site’s graphical design for a small project I was working on> I’ve been doing some volunteer work for WorkForce One here in South Florida, helping them design a simple newsletter. It was a simple little thing, nothing big or complicated, and likely will be revamped very soon. You can see it here. It doesn’t use table-less design, but likely will soon, especially since it looks so good with browsers and email clients that represent the contents as text.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m reading Dan Shafer’s HTML Utopia: Designing Without Tables Using CSS. Great book, and one I highly recommend that Web designers (and wannabe designers) read. I’ll probably start posting some of my project online, so watch out for that.

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