Midnight Love Taps

I was in a park. I don’t remember much of the goings on around me other than being at the park, having fun and being agitated, a fun agitated, as if playing a game of hide and seek and always being “it”. Suddenly, I feel a hard punch at my arm. Did someone just run past me? This wasn’t part of the dream; it hurt. I looked over at her, and saw her moving. Not quite knowing what to do, not quite knowing the distinction between dream and real at that point, I thought “what the heck?! She just hit me. What did I do?” then punched her back in the arm, turned, and fell asleep.

She was describing something she was excited about. Not just speech, but also lots of hand motions. Lots. Suddenly she whacks me with her elbow; doesn’t know whether the hit lands in the head or what, but she starts inspecting me. That’s right before a punch to the arm jolts her out of sleep. “Ouch! Did he just punch me?”, she thought, turning to me and seeing me fall asleep with my back to her. Was he dreaming? What the heck was that all about?

Next morning we talked about what happened. She told me about her dream, how she thought she beaned me. I told her about my dream and how after she beaned me I, still in my dream state,  did the knee-jerk thing and punched her on the arm before going back to the park to hide and seek or whatever.

We called it even, and now tell the story to get a laugh, the story of the night we beat each other up in our sleep. Anger issues? Maybe. Not likely. For now we’re going with love taps.

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