Desktop Wallpaper from My Camera

When taking pictures, I love making sure the scenery is well represented. Often times, this is the subject of my photos. (Gee, how very Zen.) What follows is a collection of some scenery shots I’ve taken which I think would make great desktop wallpaper. Click on the image to view and download the full size thing.

The first couple of shots (the butterflies) were taken on a recent trip to Richmond, Virginia. The last two were taken here (penultimate) and during a trip to New Jersey earlier this year (the last pic). Every other picture was taken on a trip we took to the Morikami Japanese Garden Museum in March of 2005 (right near The Wife and I’s first wedding anniversary). I hope you like the shots as much as I.

butterfly 1

butterfly 2

morikami lizard 1

morikami lizard 2

morikami - stay on the path

morikami - bamboo 1

morikami - looking up at the bamboos

morikami - japanese gardens

morikami - zen gardens

morikami - zen garden 2

morikami - bonzai

morikami - blackbird

dark tree

new jersey fire hydrant

If you want to use any pictures on your site, that’s fine, but I ask that you provide props and and a link. (“Pictures from Gnorb.NET” is all you need to say.) Thanks.

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