My History of Bikes

My History of Bikes Part I
My History of Bikes Part II
My History of Bikes Part III
For the record, I bought a bike right after writing this. $100 at Target. $118, if you count the seat I got with it. (The default seat was rather painful.) Tried a number of the thrift stores, but none had adult-sized bikes.

4 thoughts on “My History of Bikes

  1. This is advice I give to all who ride bicycles:

    Make sure it fits. For a bike bought at Target, this essentially translates to “Make sure the seat is the proper height” and “Make sure the handlebars are the proper height”. Your knees will thank you.

  2. Actually, I think it was more. I ate fifteen of these mini bars I got for free after doing some work selling posters. I’m not sure if each was 1/5 the size of a full Powerbar or 1/3. In either case, I was fired up.

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