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If you’re reading this via RSS you’ll notice that a small ad unit has been added to the bottom of some of the articles. Obviously, this is done in order to monetize the content, which I can really only continue if it pays for itself (I’m not exactly making a killing here, folks, just enough to pay for hosting, really). Still, I don’t want to be too obtrusive, so ads will only appear under articles over 500 words long. I’ve asked around, and it seems to be fairly well accepted that some feeds will have ads. However, I want your opinion. If you feel that ads shouldn’t be in the feeds at all, or if you feel that some ads are OK, but this is just too many (especially since most posts are over 500 words), or if you feel that this it’s just fine and dandy, go ahead and tell me. If I don’t hear anything I’ll simply presume it’s well tolerated or otherwise ignored.


2 thoughts on “Ads in RSS Feeds

  1. Well, I’ve tried to stay away from ads on RSS feeds. Not that you shouldn’t do it. Just that it’s a sight I’m still not used to yet. After all, the whole purpose of feeds is just the content and nothing else.

    Then again, since you do write occasionally, it isn’t much of a bother as some other feeds I subscribe to which have ads in every post.

  2. “After all, the whole purpose of feeds is just the content and nothing else.”

    I think this is more of a personal matter. For example, I get feeds so that I don’t have to surf to multiple sites, just one ( As such, my mentality is that since I’m giving all the content via RSS, It’s only fair that I am allowed to attempt monetization like I would in the site. So long as I don’t abuse that right (by doing frequent adverposts, for example, in lieu of actual content) I find it fair, so long as I’m not annoying or hindering the reader.

    By the way, this gives me an idea for a post. Thanks!

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