Presidential Speechalist

I just got a link to a video called Presidential Speechalist where (and I quote) “comedian Andy Dick plays Harlan McCraney, the genius behind President Bush’s famous flubs, in ‘The Speechalist,’ a hilarious spoof presented by Comedy Central.”

Wait, was “flub” even a word before the Bush administration took over? Anyway, the video is absolutely hilarious, regardless as to whether you like Bush or not; highly recommended viewing.

Here are some of the Bushisms the video covers:

“Fool me once, shame on you. *pause* Fooled can’t get fooled again.”

“In my State of the Union… in my speech… in my speech to the nation, whatever you wanna call it…”

“Then you wake up at the high school level, and you find that the literacy level of our children are appaling.”

“When you’re working hard to put food on your family…”

Now, I know that politics is a dirty game. But, honestly, I’d like to see even the most ardent of conservatives take note of the fact that our President are an idiots. But of course, guys like Rush Limbaugh wouldn’t bother with the finer points of esoteric knowledge and academia, would they?

Here’s an example of the two-facedness I mean. (Is “two-facedness” a real word? Heck, it’s Bush we’re talking about here, so does it matter?)

Limbaugh, c. 1997 (*Note, this came from an actual broadcast I remember listening to.): “Get this, Vice President Gore was in Italy and said, ‘Romulus and Remus may have walked this very ground.’ *laughs* Romulus and Remus were myths Mr. Vice President. Shows you just what kind of geniuses lead this administration.”

Limbaugh, c. 2004: “What, don’t liberals have anything better to complain about than the President’s grammar? I mean, come on! Who cares if he said “Is your children learning.”?! He’s running the country, and guiding us through a war…”

Yeah, Rush. Exactly.

Now, before you start telling me I’m beating up on the guy, let me say that I like listening to Rush. He’s not bad. But I don’t agree with him all the time. Or most of the time. I used to.

But then I learned to think.

Bush aside, the genius of VP Cheney must be applauded. After all, the job of the President is not to wield the power. The job of the President is to keep the attention away from those who are really in power. Cheney picked the right man for the job.

(Note: Thanks to The Iron Stomach for this link. There, I said it. Happy?)

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