Redesigning and Looking for Your Input.

I’m in the process of redesigning this site. Nothing major, mind you, but I thought it might be wise to ask your opinion on the matter. After all, you’re the readers, and while I write for myself, I wouldn’t be making this public if I didn’t intend for others to read it.

Now, the following poll isn’t about content: I’ve gotten great feedback on that already and know the direction I want to go (more personal, but still with some commentary and tutorials). I’m actually looking for help when it comes to design. Basically, I just want to know how you use this site. With that in mind, I’ve put together a multiple choice poll where you can tell me how it is you get your content: Do you get it via RSS? Email? Do you visit the site? Front page only or individual posts? Do you check out the links in the sidebar? Did you know there were two columns below the main content section? Do you check out the archives? What about individual categories, or pages?

Please take a minute and complete the multiple-choice poll. (Actually, it’ll probably take you less than 30 seconds). If you have anything you want to say not covered by the post, now’s the time to do it. While posts will be moderated (no need for someone to drop the F-bomb or be derogatory towards others), don’t be afraid to be honest, even if brutally so.

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2 thoughts on “Redesigning and Looking for Your Input.

  1. I’m always a fan of function over flash when it comes to site design. I also have less than perfect vision, so legibility is a big factor for me. The content portion of your site is attractive and easy on the eye. I do find the sidebar to be a little cluttered looking. Unless they really draw a lot of referrals, I would consider doing something less prominent with the RSS and bookmark options.

    That being said, content is what really matters and you seem to have that under control.

  2. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for the input. I agree with what you say, about the sidebar feeling cluttered. In the next version, the sidebar will be a bit simpler, and the colors have been altered so that it should be easier to read. (I just really hope you don’t mind reading red text.) The RSS gets a fair number of referrals, but the bookmarks are gone. I’m finishing up the final touches and should be ready to launch next week. I’d love your input at that point as well.

    Thanks, and take care!

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