Stuff Like This Used to be Funny

Ok, which of the following statements is false?

A) America sees scenes otherwise only known in African capitals. The forces of order are absent. Anarchy and chaos reign. Supermarkets are plundered, helicopters shot at.

B) Moscow offers to send rescue teams and other aid to the US.

C) Canada sends police to help protect US cities.

D) A Bosnian television station offered to raise money to help the US.

E) In Kosovo, a civil emergency unit made up of former ethnic Albanian rebels offers to send a team to help rebuild parts of the US.

F) Sri Lanka pledges to send money and disaster relief experts to the US.

G) El Salvador offers to send soldiers to the United States to help police zones in the US.

H) None of the above.

Answer: H — None of the above. These are all really happening. You know, once upon a time, this stuff used to be funny.

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