Finding Cheap Gas Prices in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Tampa

(After haiving promoted this particular post to a couple of people at the Honda dealership where I get my car serviced (Rick Case Honda, the Biggest — and most horribly expensive! — Honda dealership in the whole frigg’n world), I figured that putting this on the front page would help them and anyone else looking for the cheapest gas prices in their area. This is a repost from Aug. 31, 2005.)

According to a recent CNN/Money article, gas prices are under way to a whopping $4 a gallon soon because of Hurricane Katrina putting the Big Hurt on the Big Easy. (Glad you bought that Hummer on $1000-a-month payments? What about that Land Rover, with its gas guzzling 9 miles per gallon? I feel a shift in the used car force…)

For those of you looking to find some relief from the gas prices, good luck. This may help, though: here are two sites I just recenlty found which help you find gas pricess in the Tampa/Saint Petersberg and Miami/Fort Lauderdale areas, and

If you’re in any of these areas, bookmark these sites (and make Gnorb.NET your home page in the process: Ctrl + D! Ctrl + D!) and check them before you fill up.

Edit: Just found as well, where you can search for gas prices by ZIP code. From this, I can see that if I want cheap gas, I can go over to the Honda dealership by my workplace. For the first time Rick Case isn’t the highest priced gas around.

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