Question: What do Real Estate, “Turn Key Operations”, and Lawyers Have in Common?

A: Your prime time eyeballs!

“News at 5…” “Now, News at six, when YOU want it…” “News at 7, because News at 6 is SOOOO yesterday.”

(That last one came from a recent Bay News 9 Commercial. Bay News 9 is a 24-hour local news station in the Tampa Bay area that repeats the same 3 stories 15 times an hour, plus it gives you the weather.)

I’ve started to notice how TV advertisers and program schedules target their audiences so well. In 2005, the 10 hour workday has given us the 7pm news because, let’s face it, who works ‘9 to 5’ anymore?

(The real cool stations around here give you the news at 5, then 5:30, then 6, then 6:30. I guess they’re ramping themselves up to catch up with CNN’s/FOX’s 24-hour news cycle.)

What about commercials? Anyone else notice all the real-estate advertisement commercials between 6 and 8 pm? What about the lawyers advertising “Sue your employer for unpaid overtime” commercials? Are the “Have you been injured — Sue!” commercials still on during the afternoon soaps? I’m betting if stuff like Quixtar and Pampered Chef became “cool” you’d soon start seeing commercials about “Turn-key business opportunities” at 8pm instead of 4am.

Speaking of which, I guess real estate in Louisiana doesn’t look particularly attractive right about now.

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