Magic: The Farking

If you’ve ever played Magic: The Gathering, or any other RPG-based card game, this is a must see:

Photoshop a card for the game “Magic: The Farkening”

Of course, with the news about the new hurricane heading here to beat our children, eat our bones, and kick our dogs after pelting them with french fries (Katrina, I believe), I thought this to be especially fitting:

Summon Gigglefest: When Florida thread comes into play, all players begin to giggle under their breath. If players are at work, co-workers will ask what is so funny, but players will not be able to convey the humor effectively. While florida thread is in play, all players gain +11 self confidence and -7 Respect for Floridians. Tap the card to induce more giggling

Of course, I couldn’t forget all my politically charged pals. (This counts as an attack all around)

Minion: Flaming Partisan: +2 Knee-Jerk creature. Use this card to summon a Flaming Partisan to dogmatically argue a political stance with all the tenacity of a rabid pitbull with a tender buttock in his jaws. Political Headline card increases this card to +7. Rational Arguments and Contradictory Facts function at -3. Quote: That is exactly what I would expect a commie fag like you to say! Is your head burried in your butt, or in a copy of Mein Kampf?

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