The Web and Who We Are

To 99% of the population, the web is still a place. Something we go visit. Soon the web will become not only where we are, but who we are. In time we will realize how much of a societal shift the web will have caused. I think it’s fundamental the other 1% understand that. Nils Geylen

Considering Nils is someone who I read regularly, I’m rather surprised it took Andrew Eglinton pointing it out for me to notice. (To be fair, I mostly read Nils’s blog via RSS.)

2 thoughts on “The Web and Who We Are

  1. And for you to point out to me. I can’t believe I missed that as well. Just shows that RSS doesn’t reveal everything a blog is or what a person puts down.

  2. And for you to remind me 😉

    Been trying to make something worthwhile out of that root URL for a while now; glad you liked it.

    Perhaps a suggestion for a post about those of us with similar dot com slash blog constructions: what to do with that root?

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