Of Macabre Dreams and Alternate Universes

The Australian Aborigines have their Dreamtime myths. For as long as psychology has been around, dreams have been the door to our subconscious. And of course, there’s an old myth that says dreams are doorways to different universes. But what if this was more than just a myth?

I’ve always had this strange… I don’t know, fantasy I guess you’d call it. It revolves around the question of where dreams come from. I always imagined that lucid dreams–those which seem as real as life–are actually us looking into alternate reality versions of ourselves, into the lives that would be ours were it not for decisions we’ve made or circumstances in which we somehow found ourselves. What if this were indeed the case?What if we, through some unknown mechanism of the Deus ex Machina known as Quantum Physics, were actually able to see through to other dimensions, to other lives we not only might have lived, but are living right now, in other universes?

The theory behind the fantasy goes something like this: every choice we make actually creates another, parallel universe for every possible action (or inaction) which takes place. With that being the case, there are an infinite number of universes in which an infinite number of you exist. Presuming everyone of those other versions has a soul, what happens to the soul of one after it dies? It moves on to another body, until there is only one last version of you, which contains all the other souls. Almost by definition, this last version is at the point of death when this occurs. (In case you’re wondering, the thought goes that one soul is born in one universe/time line. Eventually that one soul passes away, having lived countless lives during the person’s existence.)

If yuo’re wondering how I came up with this fantasy, it’s because I seem to have the unfortunate knack of seeing myself die in other universes. Morbid, I know.

A long time ago, I had a lucid dream where I was in a gang. Not as an active member, but as someone who just happened to hang out with them. In the dream, I remember it being night. A group of us was driving around in the middle of downtown somewhere, when we were shot at from another car. I was hit and died. My soul then slid from that world to this one. I saw myself slip back into my body, then woke up.

Recently, I had lucid dream where I was about to be in a duel. My brother and I had gotten into an altercation with a few other guys, and we ended up agreeing to a gunfight at a later time. In the interim, I was with my family, taking care of a few affairs at home, including the plumbing, which kept breaking. The guys never showed up, and the gunfight was apparently canceled, though I wouldn’t know: the phone rang, waking me up before I found out what happened.

I know both of these dreams have to do with guns and dying. I’ve had others, most of which don’t include guns. Almost all of them, however, the ones I would consider part of that fantasy, include some form of life-threatening (or life-ending, in more cases than not) peril. As I said, an unfortunate knack.

Macabre fantasy? It probably is. But really, even if it wasn’t, how would I know?

One thought on “Of Macabre Dreams and Alternate Universes

  1. It sounds like a combination of the Jet Li movie ‘the one’ and the videogame ‘Omnicron’ (i think that was the game, i might be wrong) where when you die, your ‘soul’ moves onto another body.

    The question i have on this theory is, many times our dreams reflect our last thoughts before going to sleep, or things that have been frequently on our mind.

    Wouldn’t this theory suggest that our mind is able to identify and instantly sort an infinite amount of parallel universe’s to select the mores relevant one for us to peer into?


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