Walmart Commies Clean

We’ve been buying furniture lately to furnish the new place. For the most part this has involved going to estate sales, garage sales, and antique shops to look for those just-right pieces of furniture. After all, we have a lot of space in the house and don’t wish to fill it with crap. And I subscribe to the theory that all the pieces in the home should be both useful and individually appealing, things which stand out on their own, yet blend in within the framework of the decor. It’s hard to do that with furniture from the big sellers, at least within our current budgetary constraints.

After seeing as much as we’ve seen, as as many prices as we’ve seen, I decided to walk to the local Walmart (which is in the same strip as a used furniture store and a Goodwill) to remind myself what crap looked like, and how it was priced. (This way I could get my bearings again.) Now, I know that going to Walmart is bad for your self esteem: when you go in, demons land on your shoulders and begin feeding on your soul. But walking around the store I saw signs which made me think that Walmart finally came clean, after a swift double-take. Compare the pictures and see if you can spot the similarities.

Walmart and China

(On the left, a sign I saw all over Walmart. On the right, the Chinese flag.)

Yes, China’s prices ARE unbeatable. Thanks for telling us, Walmart! Thing is, it’s easy to be unbeatable when you artificially devalue your currency and peg it to that of your biggest potential economic competitor, thereby ensuring a price imbalance. But hey, at least Walmart’s finally being (mostly) honest as to where their loyalties lie. Has the company finally (un)officially admitted to becoming the commercial wing of the Chinese government? The signs point to yes.

3 thoughts on “Walmart Commies Clean

  1. UGH, Gnorb, just UGH. I really can’t say everything that’s on my mind about China. It would just take me a whole essay to get through it all. So that’s what I’m giving you – “Ugh!”

  2. Frankly, I’d love for you to sometime write that essay, though you’ve certainly given glimpses in some of your previous pieces (for example, this one, which I marked as a favorite on my reader.) Hell, I’d give it a permalink on the sidebar.

    By the way, from my piece linked, I thought this to be the most poignant line: “If Americans can hate Bush and not be considered un-American (finally) … can the Chinese hate the Communist government and still be Chinese? Hopefully yes.”

  3. so much to say i don’t know where to start.
    So ill do the smart thing and keep quiet.
    i appreciate the brackets below the picture. For a second i thought you had the chinese flag up twice

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