My Mechanic Obviously Has a Sense of Humor

I just came back from getting my car’s oil changed at the dealership where I normally go for service. The mileage was sitting at just over 83,600 miles, slightly over 3,000 miles since my last oil change. The 83,600 miles — well that’s not really striking until you realize that I got my car, brand new, in mid-2002. It had a grand total of 25 miles on it at time of purchase. (Not bad for 2.5 years, eh?)

Normally, when I take my car for an oil change, the mechanic sticks a little reminder sticker on the top-left of my windshield showing when I should next bring my car in. The sticker has two boxes, one for the date, the other for the mileage. When I got my car back, I saw the sticker. And smiled.

On one side, the sticker read 86,500, indicating at what mileage I should bring the car back. On the other side, instead of a due date, I see a happy face. Apparently, this mechanic caught on to the fact that it doesn’t take me more than about a month and a half between oil changes. (Edit: It’s now at about 98,000 miles; Aug 22, 2005.)

What I find most interesting is the message that little smiley sent. As I looked, I could imagine what, if it could talk, the smiley face would say. “Don’t even bother looking for the next due date. You’ll be back way before that happens.”

Someone at my car dealership obviously has a sense of humor.

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