Dr. Horrible on Hulu and an Impromptu Short Story

Two things: First, if you haven’t yet seen Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog then you’ll want to head on down to Hulu.com where they’re showing it for free. Dr. Horrible is the brainchild of Joss Whedon (of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly/Serenity fame) and stars Neil Patrick Harris as the budding Dr. Horrible, an evil scientist who’s trying to talk to the girl of his dreams while trying to get into the Evil League of Evil. Yes, I realize it sounds cheesy. It is. But it’s also one of the best done musicals (yes, there’s singing) I’ve seen in a long time. It’s funny, has addicting music, and will leave you wanting more. So go, click the link and start watching it! (It’s about 43 minutes in length, so about the length of a regular “hour” TV episode.) Go. Watch. Now.

Second, last night, on a whim, I decided to write an short story on the new-to-me typewriter. I stopped by Staples and picked up a new ink ribbon, and that makes a world of difference. I’m presenting it here as a first draft, but I thought I’d share it anyway, if for no other reason than I’m enjoying saying “look at my neat old typewriter!” It’s the story about the man standing watch at the edge of the Earth, and I think it’s titled The Old Man and Mr Shackleton.

The Old Man and Mr Shackleton (500px)

(By the way, the image is linked to a higher resolution image, in case you want a better look.)

3 thoughts on “Dr. Horrible on Hulu and an Impromptu Short Story

  1. Cool, I’d seen Doc Horrible in iTunes but didn’t know it was available somewhere else. (Hulu says it’s not avail. for my region – but it works anyway. Shhhh – don’t tell them.)

    Good story – but did he mean he could begin taking over the role of the Darknesses, or just taking over?

    It’s cool how the typewriter gives a different (good) feel.

  2. @Raji: Thank you. I’ll be working on that story and may end up publishing the whole thing here (as a post, not as a scan). I sort of like the concept of an old man walking for thousands of years around the edge of a flat earth, looking out into the dark of space (and maybe down into an infinite pile of turtles). And yes, the ink makes a WORLD of difference.

    @Hrafn: I just found out about Doc Horrible on Hulu this morning. Regarding the story, it’s supposed to be that Shackleton’s army is the army from the darkness but obviously, this being a first draft written on one tiny sheet of paper (not even full size) sort of didn’t leave much room for explanation, and I had to wrap up the ending quickly. (I cropped it out of the pic, but the edge of the paper is a mere line away.)

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