Three Bits

Don’t you just hate it when you have a bunch of things you think are important to you going on, but then when you start to tell someone about them you realize they probably don’t give a rip? That’s sort of how I feel about the topics covered in today’s post. Not that they’re bad topics, mind you, but I don’t want to sit here and bore you with the minutiae of either my waiting for typewriters I’ve bought, my love for iPhoto, or my hypochondria which maybe isn’t. But I find these interesting enough to give them at least a mention, so here it is.

  • First, I’d like to announce that now it’s just a matter of delivery time. Two typewriters are headed to my house, one from eBay seller vanilla.shake, the other from Blue Moon Camera and Machine out of Portland, Oregon. The eBay machine is a Corona-Smith Super Silent, brown-ish with green keys, from 1951. The Blue Moon machine is a white Olympia SM-3 from about 1957. I expect to have to do a little work on both machines: The Corona-Smith needs to be cleaned, tuned, and oiled, while the Olympia-SM3 just needs a couple of visual blemishes in the bottom/front area (where the wrists rest) corrected.

    Total cost for the machines: $23.00 for the Corona-Smith (which will cleaning, oiling, and tuning up will likely be closer to ~$80) and $145 for the Olympia SM-3, which should ready to use out of the box, and which I expect to be my workhorse. I’ll post more on these as they arrive. I’m already preparing The Wife for the clicker clatter (ding!) of little type writer keys. The joyous arrival should be sometime next week.

  • Second, this is just a note about how much I love iPhoto. On my Mac, I just recently discovered Smart Folders, folders (or rather, views) which are automatically “filled” with specific items based on predefined criteria. (Think about Smart Folders as canned search queries: “All videos from the Montana directories”, “All pictures labeled DAISY”, “All pictures and videos from 1 June 2008 to 1 September 2008”, etc.) With it I’ve been able to rediscover some of our home videos. I’ve never been a home video guy, but over the past few years home movies have become more and more important to me. Maybe it’s an age thing: as we age, we forget things, so the videos become more important. Or maybe it’s like watching birds, where for some reason the older we get the more we simply NEED to watch birds. (Did you know that we know more about birds than any other class of animal on the planet?)
  • Third, in the medical front, it looks like I’m not done with doctors yet. My heartburn came back, bad, last month. It looks like my medication (Lanzoprazole, AKA Prevacid) stopped working. Oddly, it stopped JUST as we got back from Montana. Fact is, it may not have worked at all for a while: being in Montana was surely relaxing to the point where my heartburn became non-existent and before that I was doing acupuncture, which, to my detriment, I’ve discontinued (but plan to starting again). I was prescribed Nexium to see how I do with that. One day into it and the little purple pill is… still starting to kick in.

    But that doesn’t look like the only issue. My doctor suggested that I may have something called “Gastroparesis”, which is a condition in which the stomach doesn’t pump right. I’m to be checked in the next couple of weeks with a gastric emptying exam. This is a test where they give you a little meal and see whether 1/2 of it is gone in 90 minutes. If it’s not, the diagnosis is Gastroparesis. If it is, they continue checking up to 4 hrs, to make sure the stomach really is working right.

    On the bright side, if this is the case, then it’s a mild form of it, and was likely caused by a virus, since this all started during a particularly nasty flu that seemed to stick around forever and a half, therefore the chances of improvement (including complete recovery) are drastically better than if the condition was caused by something else. Of course, they’ll be running checks after that to see if there’s no other, much nastier, root cause. (I know it’s not diabetes, but other possible causes include Parkinson’s, thyroid problems, and connective tissue disorders.)

    I’m not much of a religious person, but keep me in your thoughts/meditations/prayers, will ya?

Alright, that’s it. Three items for today. Sorry it’s not more substantial, but I’m in what you call a bit of a blogging funk. Not in a writing funk, mind you — I’ve been writing like a fiend — but nothing I’d want to subject you people to, at least not yet. Maybe later. Probably later. In fact, yeah, later. So… uh, later.

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