Gang of Seven: “Tag, you’re it!”

I thought I was over playing “tag” in, you know, preschool, but apparently the Internet makes preschoolers out of even the most sophisticated adults, what with Internet memes and all. This is great, because I never wanted to leave preschool anyway.

So having been tagged by Think Artificial (run by the artificial intelligence system referring to itself as Hrafn Thorisson), I hereby now present you seven random facts about myself. (For the sake of interest I’ll try to make these facts I’ve not yet discussed on this site.)

Before I start, a warning: I’m about the most boring person on the planet. Wait, should that count as number one? Anyway, I don’t expect this list to be all that interesting to you, but you’ll probably read it anyway because you’re just that type of sick, twisted individual who’s interested in other people’s lives in a way usually reserved for biographers and basement dwelling stalkers.

And for that I thank you.

  1. I don’t really have a favorite color. Instead I prefer color combinations, and even then have no real favorite. When I have to choose (like on a gadget of some kind), though, I’ll go with red or orange.
  2. I’ll usually go by two names, either my first or my middle. My first I use with one group of people, usually people with whom I’m not too close. My middle I’ll usually use with people I’m closer with. Historically, I haven’t used my middle name in cases where I’m wearing a name tag and strangers can call out my name without my first telling it to them.
  3. Regarding my names, I often talk to myself to get things (feelings, situations) sorted out and think things through. But I always talk to myself in the third person when I do, as a conversation between someone with my first name and someone with my middle name. If you were to listen in on that conversation, you’d probably wonder whether there were multiple people here, since the people talking are usually quite different from one another in tone and character. (And no, if you’re wondering, I haven’t had times when I don’t remember what happened. We’re not talking multiple personality disorder here. Just a really lively imagination.)
  4. For years when I was younger, I was convinced I was born 400 years too early. Part of me is still convinced. This is why I’ve always loved science fiction, and is what originally drove me to want to become involved with technology.
  5. I’ve considered hanging up the blogger’s hat more than once, in order to make time for other endeavors. I’ve also been thinking about restructuring the way Gnorb.NET is set up and turning it into yet another website network. Divergent as these two views are, they show how I’m dissatisfied with where I am currently.
  6. My shortest stay at at job was 3 days. I was paid for gathering signatures to put propositions on the ballot. I was 15 at the time, and spent the days outside of post offices begging for signatures without truly understanding all the issues, which apparently wasn’t a job requirement to begin with. I quit by simply not going anymore. Didn’t even pick up my paycheck ($40).
  7. I love, love, love bookstores. So much, in fact, that I’ve considered opening a used books store, either online or brick and mortar.

There you have it, 7 facts about me. Now, as per this meme, I’m supposed to tag 7 other people,. Here they are, in no particular order:

Of course, none of these people are under even a pretense of an obligation to actually do this, and if they decide “well, internet memes are beneath me!” then that’s alright then. You should still visit their blogs.

12 thoughts on “Gang of Seven: “Tag, you’re it!”

  1. Woo, thanks for writing. I’m guilty of Number Five as well. It’s a curse of those who actively seek to improve themselves—change is inevitable, ideas unavoidable. I’m intrigued by number three; I think I may try that.

    (And to the excellent selection of people tagged above, I look forward to reading if you choose to write)

    Before I start, a warning: I’m about the most boring person on the planet. Wait, should that count as number one?
    I’m about the most boring person on the planet.
    I’m way too modest.


  2. It was brave of you to admit addressing yourself in the third person! 😉 That’s cute, though. CUTE.

    I’ll do the meme, only because you tagged me!

  3. (1) I’m also a red person! 😀

    (7) I also love, love, love bookstores! In fact, I’ve gotten myself 3 books since I arrived in the US 2 months ago 😀

  4. I don’t usually do memes only under certain conditions, but hell, we’re both 9rulers, so it doesn’t matter. 🙂

    I wonder if you’ve ever been in a bookstore long enough that they have to kcik you out because its closing time and you forgot all about it. That would be something…for the love of books and everything that comes with it.

  5. @Hrafn: Sadly, throughout most of my life, modesty is one of the things I’ve lacked, mostly because I let my words speak louder than my actions. Needless to say, an almost-third of a lifetime into my own, that’s changed for the better. Thanks for tagging me, btw.

    @Esther: Thanks. I don’t know many people who do (other than the iconic Bob Dole), and there’s usually a stigma attached, I guess, which is why I strongly considered NOT mentioning that. But your comment’s made any acquired stigma worth it.

    @Melissa: Please know that you’re under no obligation to participate. Heck, I don’t even know if there’s some sort of “meme etiquette” where I’m supposed to warn someone before I tag them (though I had intended to email/twitter all of you tonight, before you beat me to the punch), so if you don’t have time, don’t worry. Heck, save it for some time when you don’t really have anything to write about. I’ve done a grand total of 3 memes throughout the life of this blog (4, if you count that list of Chuck Norris facts). Don’t know how many you’ve done, but I know one of them tagged me, which makes 2 I’ve been tagged for, including this. I just thought I’d return the favor ;-).

    @Arthus: Studious and quick to respond. Nice.

    @Pelf: I’ll be emailing you about #7.

    @Edrei: 9Rulers represent! And yes, the bookstore thing: has happened to me, multiple times. In fact, I was once at a Barnes and Noble for half an hour after they closed (this doesn’t include all the times I stayed after hours when I worked there). I’ve even helped store owners close up/restock shelves. Except for magazine racks, I even love the cleanup duty.

    @all: thank you for both the quick comments and any participation. I am both humbled and honored.

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