On Vacation to Montana

Yes, folks, you red that right. I’ll be heading out tomorrow morning to Montana for a 10-day vacation (flying out on the 7th. I’ll be back on the 17th). I was never part of a family that took too many vacations, so I’m not exactly a big vacation guy, but I’ve been pining for one for the past few years, and The Wife decided it was time we got going. She claims I need to “relax”. I tried to explain to her that my relaxation is sleeping, but she wouldn’t buy it, so for the sake of marital bliss, I’ll vacate.

While I am taking my laptop, I may or may not blog while I’m out there, so here’s fair warning: there may be no updates until the end-ish of the month, after I come back and things have settled some.

While I’m gone, go ahead and check out a few of the 9Rules sites for some good reading (outside of my usual recommendations, I’ll also recommend John Baker’s excellent blog). If that’s not enough, then you might as well start exploring my OPML file, which I’ve uploaded here for your entertainment. Yeah, I know I said I was clearing out my RSS, but Google Reader makes it so easy and quick to read a bunch of sites that I’ve ended up adding on a ton more. Like any evolving organism, this OPML is not yet done, and will likely change in the near future, when people start wondering why they’re not listed. (I think I’ve covered all the bases, but I’m very likely wrong.) I’ll try to keep this file updated for future reference. (Changes will be announced. Heck, I’ll even put something on the sidebar.)

By the way, I wanted to announce a new site I’ve set up, GQuotes. GQuotes is short for “Great Quotes”, and basically it’s a site where I find great quotes from anywhere (books, television, blogs) and put in my own thoughts about them. Entries there are considerably shorter than here, and the site (right now) is sparingly updated, maybe once or twice a week, so go ahead and add it to your reader. It won’t bog you down and it may give you something to think about.

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